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As the saying goes: "The day is in the morning", we say "the day is based on last night." Planning your own work the next day every night will make your work smoother. The company is presided over by the sales champion of the previous day to open a simple morning meeting before going to work at 8:30 every morning. Share your thoughts at work or talk about inspirational stories about sales. The goal is to encourage employees to be more proactive and better plan their work plans. Moderator: Yang Yugang Sales Supervisor
Tags: mature, steady, responsible, knowledgeable, and oldest employees. . .
Sharing the topic: How to plan the work plan for the last quarter of 2018.
Share content: Promote existing resources, contact old customers, develop new customers, promote order transactions, increase performance, and rationally arrange travel plans.
     In the summation, you can get continuous growth, there is a good platform, a good team, as long as you are willing to work hard, you can create a world! Come on! Peaceful brothers and sisters!